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Milk bottles and milk delivery box donated by Linda Riddell in 2016.

Photograph of District 9 school house donated by Elizabeth (Selleck) Goodrich in 2016.

This photograph was taken in 1918 or 1920. The children of Urion Todd are shown and include Clara 15, Edna 13, Everette 10, Symore 9, and Laura 7. The others are unknown. This photograph was [...]

Farm tools donated by Ronald Palmer in 2016.

This donation consists of a hay fork (shown above), a hay knife, a two-man crosscut saw, and a large wood chisel.

District 8 school bell donated by Clara Stewart in 2016.

This donation is a bell from the District 8 schoolhouse on Peaks Brook that the teacher would have used to call the students in from recess.

East Meredith postcard donated by Frank Waterman in 2016.

View of Kortright Street in East Meredith circa 1915.

Photographs of Homer Benedict donated by Mary and Herbert Hait in 2016.

This donation consists of numerous photographs of Homer Benedict including his 105th birthday party (shown above) and many of his wood carvings.

Artifacts from Dr. Gardner’s Veterinary practice donated by Pat Lynn (2011.6)

This donation consists of two bottles and two medicine shipping containers addressed to Dr. Gardner in Meridale. These artifacts were found in the building where he had his office, which was the building where Joe [...]

Homer Benedict sled donated by Grace Deitzman in 2016.

This donation is a wooden sled with team and driver carved by Homer Benedict. Image Caption

East Meredith photos donated by Barbara MacClintock (2011.8 )

This donation consists of 51 photographs of East Meredith and several documents, which include the 1st edition of The East Meredith Gazette, an early edition of The Colliersville Enterprise, and a booklet, East Meredith Memories. [...]

Meredith Bicentennial records donated by Carol Sulas (2011.9 )

This donation consists of a storage box filled with records pertaining to planning and execution of Meredith's bicentennial in 2000.

Autobiography, “The Meridale I Remember” donated by Cecil Palmer (2011.10 )

This donation is an autobiographical account of growing up in Meridale during the 1930s and 1940's.

WWII Meredith Inn Dairy ink blotter donated by Dornora Misner (2011.11 )

This donation is a blotter from the World War II era advertising Meredith Inn Dairy, Inc.