The West Meredith Cemetery is located on County Route 14 a short distance past Warren  or Warner Hill Roads when driving toward Treadwell.

List of gravestones in the West Meredith Cemetery compiled by Bernice Graham Telian, Town of Meredith Historian, Delaware County, NY
July 2003

Lucy Annis d. 1 March 1863  Age 47y

Asahel Baldwin In Memory of Asahel Baldwin who d. 24 April 1821 in the 82nd year of his age. “My Leader calls me to his seat, whereall my Father’s children meet.”

Joel Baldwin In Memory of Joel Baldwin. d. 28 December 1807,age 36y
Henry Barnum,son of John & Uranium Barnum, d. 3 March 1824 age 1y6m23d
Charles W. Bill d. 20 October 1845 age 7y, son of Charles & Lois Bill
Charles Bill d. 16 February 1848, age 44y7m20d
Ammon Bostwick In Memory of Ammon Bostwick d. 5 October 1835,age 59y6m16d,son of David Bostwick
Currence Bostwick Relict of David Bostwick    d. 23 October 1855, age 102y7m2d
David Bostwick d. 12 June 1818 A. D. in 67th year of his age. Patriot in the Revolutionary War.
Lucinda Stilson Bostwick d. 4 March 1861, age 81y4m, wife of Ammon Bostwick
Lucinda Bostwick In Memory of Lucinda Bostwick, daughter of Ammon and Mrs. Lucinda Bostwick   d. 20 April 1820, age 8m4d “When the Archangel Trump Shall Blow, and Souls to Bodies Join, What ____Hallowed ____.”
Lucinda Jane Bostwick, only daughter of the late Ammon & Lucinda Bostwick, d. 23 July 1840   Age 18y11m
Miranda Bostwick only daughter of Ammon & Mrs. Lucinda Bostwick who departed this life 13 December 1813 in the 10th year of her age.
Adaline Bristol d. 12 April 1850, daughter of Richard and Sylvia Bristol, AE 25y, 4m, 2d
Almira Bristol, wife of Amos C. Bristol, died 11 December 1852, age 32y4m22d
Nancy M. Bristol, wife of Richard Bristol, d. 16 June 1851, age 44y5m13d
Richard Bristol, d. 2 May 1862 (age about 62y in obituary)
Richard R. Bristol, d. 27 June 1851,age 18y9m6d
Sylvia Bristol, wife of Richard Bristol, d. 28 April 1831, age 33y2m25d
Elisha Brownson, d. 9 July 1842, age 55y “Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord”
Fanny Munn Brownson, wife of Ithiel Brownson, d. 23 April 1834, age 30y
Ichabod Brownson, d. 19 April 1842, (family Bible says born 15 April 1774) at 68 years
Mary Hill Brownson, wife of Elisha, d. 19 February 1850, age 62y “Her Mind Was Tranquil And….
Sally Treadwell Brownson, wife of Ichabod Brownson “Died in Peace 24 October 1843” age 63y
Delilah Butts, d. 14 December 1843, age 23y10m   epitaph on stone Nelly Dies wife of George Dies   d. 19 October 1835, age 27y3m5d
Hannah Epes, consort of William Epes, d. 17 March 1821, age 54y — Generous in Life, A Friend to All Mankind, in Sickness Patient Unto Death Resigned. Her Body Now Beneath Those Clods Doth Rest, Her Spirit Dwells at Last Among the Blest.
Jane H. Epes, wife of William Epes, Jr., b. 12 July 1800, d. 17 January 1863
John W. Epes, A Member of Company I, 89th Regiment, NY Volunteers, died in Hospital in
Elmira, New York 24 November 1861, age 20y–epitaph on stone
William Epes, d. 29 July 1871, Age 71y
Annis Fisher, wife of Matthias Fisher, d. 15 May 1856, age 69y2m4d
Electa A. Fisher, 1824-1900
Horace C. Fisher, son of Matthias and Annis Fisher, d. 27 September 1838, age 18y2m5d
Matthias Fisher, d. 13 March 1874 in his 87th year
Robert Fitzgerald, d. 14 December 1891, age 79y8m
Sophia Bronson Fitzgerald, his Wife, d. 24 April 1888, age 73y3m
Anna Flint, wife of John Flint, d. 10 September 1853 in her 84th year
John M. Flint, d. 7 June 1850, Age 81y3m
John Fulford, d. 3 October 1854, age 56y7m7d
Johnnie S. Garison, son of R. & H. E. Garison   d. 28 January 1866, age 2y6m
Elizabeth Stilson Graham, wife of Samuel Graham, d. 27 March 1842 in the 22nd year of her age
Emeline Doolittle Graham, wife of William H. Graham, d. 4 April 1841, age 23y
Edwin Howland, son of George and Sally Howland   d. 22 August 1821 age 1y4m16d
Elizabeth Huyck, daughter of Peter and Mandy Huyck, d. 23 December 1842, age 12y8m
John Huyck, d. 27 January 1847, Age 71y
Sophia Huyck, wife of John, d. 17 June 1846   Age 72y
Alice Vernett Jackson, Only Daughter of Henry and Jane Jackson, d. 22 October 1846, Age 2y3m8d
Amos Jackson, d. 12 September 1830, age 27y1m10d
Anna Jackson, wife of Isaiah Jackson, d. 16 January 1849, Age 90y
Corrinna Stilson Jackson, wife of Medad Jackson   d. 20 November 1865, age 74y
Isaiah Jackson, d. 27 March 1829,age 66y,   long epitaph on stone
Medad Jackson, d. 19 May 1844, age 58y2m8d   epitaph on stone
An Infant Son Graham of Henry Rice and Esther Stilson Graham, d. 19 August 1833,lived 2 months, 19d
Reverend Simeon Griswold, d. 21 February 1839   age 56y, He Was an Able Minister of the New
Testament. Erected by the Baptist Church and Society, W. Meredith
Sarah O. Jackson, wife of William W. Jackson   d. 27 November 1852, age 24y3m12d
Edmund J. Jacobs, d. 17 June 1857,age 27y
Cyrenus Jones, son of Horace and Clarissa Jones   d. 30 May 1816, age 1y7m7d
Harriet N. Jones, d. 5 November 1846, age 23y—With Happy Prospect of Unclouded Light,
Fearless of Death She Took Her Airy Flight, With humble Hopes of an Immortal Rest, Where Heaven Born Souls are With Their Savior Blest.
Elon G. Kellogg, son of Ulysses & Emeline Kellogg, d. 27 November 1846,age 6y1m12d
Linus P. Kellogg, d. 21 May 1864,age 31y
Theodore U. Kellogg, son of Ulysses and Emeline Kellogg, d. 5 December 1846, age 2y1m17d
Fanny Kingsley, wife of Reverend W. Kingsley   d. 3 November 1863, age 44y
Abigail Leet, In Memory of Abigail, the Mother of Martin Leet, who died July 23, 1834, Aged 73 Years
Henrietta Leet, Wife of Martin Leet, d. 4 May 1841, aged 53 years
Martin Leet, d. 19 December 1866, aged 87 years
Nancy Leet, d. 6 September 1879, aged 84 years
Charles L. Mabie, born 14 February 1817, died 22 May 1904
Lucy Ann Mabie, Wife of Charles L. Mabie, d. 1 May 1863, aged 47 years
Henry C. Mallery, In Memory Of, son of Peter L. and Anna Mallery, who died September, 1832,aged 10 months 14 days
Juliet Merrit, Wife of Morgan C. Merrit, d. 19 September 1836, Aged 20 years
Margaret A. Merrit, Wife of Morgan C. Merrit   d. 24 July 1840, Age 23 years
M. Lucretia Merwin, Daughter of Nathan & Thirza Merwin, d. 21 September 1847, Age 10y24d
Thirza Brownson Merwin born 18 September 1803   died 24 April 1852
Barnet Myers, d. 30 December 1850, Aged 73 years
Catharine Myers, Wife of Barnet Myers, d. 10 July 1874   Aged 88 years
Harriet Nobel, Wife of Frederick Noble, d. 8 July 1841, Aged 39 years
Agnes P. Noble, d. 19 December 1850 in her 49th year
Henry Noble, d. 11 September 1850, Aged 53 years
Nettie ______, “Little Nettie is only Sleeping” All that is on the stone (beside Nobles)
Abner Pratt, d. 20 February 1828, Aged 74y9m1d
Lydia Pratt, Wife of Abner Pratt, d. 11 November 1823, Aged 70 years
Sally Remington, Wife of Uriah Remington, d. 12 February 1841, Aded 77y Epitaph
Uriah Remington, d. 30 August 1813, 57 years “Beneath this stone death’s prisoner lies,
The stone shall move the prisoner rise, when Jesus with almighty word, Calls his dead saints to meet their Lord”. He fought in War of 1812
Samuel Remington d. 24 March 1859, Aged 76 years
Delilah Reynolds, Wife of Jesse W. Reynolds, d. 13 September 1844, Aged 30 years
Theron F. Slade, d. 27 July 1827, Aged 1y4m
Amanda Smith, daughter of Salmon M. & Laura Smith, who died 10 July 1829, Age 1y2m8d
Elsa Smith, Wife of Ezekiel Smith, d. 7 January 1847, Aged 86y8m27d
Fanny Smith, d. 23 November 1825, Aged 18y10m15d, Epitaph
Hannah Smith, Wife of Daniel S. Smith, d. 7 July 1850 in her 63rd year
Nehemiah Smith, d. 20 December 1836, Aged 72y15d
Sally M. Smith, d. 4 August 1851, Aged 51 years
Sarah Smith, daughter of Daniel S. & Hannah Smith, d. 16 May 1842, Age 33 years, Epitaph
William Squire, Who was born 12 September 1762 and departed this life 27 Aug 1826, Age 64y
Epitaph on stone
Abel Stewart, son of Nathaniel and Gilly Alma Stewart, d. 12 April 1830, Aged 16y3m18d
Gilly Alma Stewart, In Memory Of, wife of Nathaniel Stewart, Jr., d. 1 Dec. 1825, Age 43y28d.
Hannah Brownson Stewart, wife of Silas Stewart b. New Milford, CT, died 13 Apr. 1827, Age 51y
Ithiel Stewart, son of William & Harriet Stewart, d. 10 Mar 1850, Age 15y
James Stewart, Born in Massachusetts, died 29 Aug 1824 Age 84
James Stewart, son of Silas and Hannah Stewart Was Precipitated Into Eternity in an Instant by the Shutting of a Barn Door on the 15th of September 1819 Age 2y and 5m “Though I’m
Lost, I Am Not Slain, I Fall, But I Shall Rise Again.”
Leroy Stewart d. 23 August 1870, age 25y
Nathaniel Stewart, Jr., d. 2 October 1848,   Age 71y10d
Nathaniel Stewart, Sr., d. 5 April 1830, Age 81y
Sarah Stewart, wife of Nathaniel Senior, d. 19 November 1827 in the 85th year of her age.
Silas Stewart, Born in Braintree, Mass, d. 23 June 1843 Age 73y
Affa Stilson, wife of William Stilson, d. 28 February 1877, Aged 94y
Albert Stilson, born 16 January 1810, d. 30 September 1895, He was a Soldier in the Civil War.
Cynthia Stilson, wife of Albert Stilson, born 4 July 1813, d. 29 August 1841
Edgar B. Stilson only son of Madison Stilson   d. 7 February 1851, Age 8y6m
Eliza Stilson wife of Lucien S. Stilson, d. 12 November 1888, Age 72y
Elizabeth Stewart Stilson wife of Nathan Stilson, d. 26 July 1820, Age 69y Epitaph on stone
Irving _______  small stone to right of Eliza Stilson
Jerome ______  small stone to right of Eliza Stilson
Lucien S. Stilson, d. 22 June 1885, Age 72y15d
Madison Stilson, d. 15 September 1877, Age 66y
Maryette Stilson wife of Albert Stilson born 14 Oct. 1816, d. 8 July 1893.
Mary Jane Stilson only daughter of Madison Stilson d. 16 February 1851, 6y6m
Nathan Stilson, d. 21 May 1826, Age 80y, He left his native land for this uncultivated
wilderness, who having lived to see a numerous train of his posterity and connexions arising around him and ever endeavoring to hold forth
the Savior to be precious, is now gone we trust to join the church above.
Philo C. Stilson, d. 19 October 1851, 23 Y HOW DESOLATE OUR HOME BEREFT OF THEE
William Stilson, d. 4 May 1862, AE 79y
C. M. S.        stone
Adam Strong     (I have no data)
Caleb Strong, Esq. (Caleb, Jr. born 20 June 1749 Bernice Telian info) Here Lies Caleb Strong, Esq., d. 27 November 1815, Age 66y,   He Was a Revolutionary War Patriot.
Charlotte Strong wife of William Strong, d. 15 May 1867, Age 67y3m
James W. Strong son of William and Charlotte Strong, d. 4 May 1845, Age 19y6d Epitaph
John H. (arris) Strong, born 6 June 1810, d. 17 January 1893
Josiah Strong, Esq. Sacred to the Memory, who departed this life 15 November 1833 in the 57th
year of his age.
Mary Stanley Strong 2nd wife of Josiah Strong, born in Ireland, d. 4 August 1868, age 72y
Milton M. Strong youngest son of William and Charlotte Strong, d. 5 October 1866, Age 27y2m29d.
Susan Carpenter Strong wife of John H. Strong   b. 24 July 1816, d. 12 January 1885
William Strong, d. 22 April 1876, Age 79y2m
Eliza Valentine wife of Uriah Valentine, d. 30 April 1857, age 37y7m16d
Ella A. Valentine daughter of Uruah & Eliza Valentine, d. 9 February 1864, age 8y8m11d
James E. Valentine, son of Uruah & Eliza Valentine, d. 1 April 1845, age 2y8m28d
Sylvia Valentine, wife of James Valentine, d. 12 May 1850 age 60y
Uriah R. Valentine, d. 16 October 1896, age 83y
Margaret Vandervort, wife of Charles Vandervort d. 21 January 1854, age 48y1m18d
Charles L. VanHoezen son of Peter & Electa VanHoezen, d. 25 March 1848, age 4y2m
Mary E. VanHoezen daughter of Peter & Electa VanHoezen, d. 18 March 1850, age 8m4d
Peter VanHoesen, d. 3 March 1854, age 38y11m
Eliza VanHoezen, wife of Peter VanHoezen, d. 21 September 1842, age 22y2m8d (apparently Peter’s first wife–Annette Campbell’s note)
George E. Walbig, son of Elder George & Mary E. Walbig who died 15 December 1840, age 2y8m
Jemima Ward wife of Reuben Ward, d. 16 March 1848, age 87y
Reuben Ward d. 5 July 1825, age 75y Revolutionary War Patriot
Angeline E. Warner daughter of Elias & Margaret Warner, d. 25 August 1857, age 7y10m15d
Margaret Warner wife of John M. Warner, d. 1 April 1835, age 47y
Polly Warner wife of John M. Warner, d. 20 April 1851 in the 47th year of her age
Chauncey A. Wattles son of Ansel & Susan Wattles, d. 1 March 1850, age 16y
_______ Whitney, In Memory of, daughter of Nehemiah & Phebe Whitney Who Died In Earth, 4 (?) March 1817
Son Whitney    no data
Son Whitney   no data
Harmon Wells Whitney   “son”
 Clarissa Whitney   “daughter”
 Daughter Whitney, d. November 1825
4 sons and 4 daughters died between March 1817 and November 1825 (Whitney–AC)
Edward A. Willis, d. 16 April 1852, age 16y4m24d
Margara Wolcott wife of Thomas Wolcott, d. 16 June 1854, age 71y
Thomas Wolcott, d. 18 March 1841, age 62y epitaph—The Memory Of
Thomas Wolcott, Jr., d. 30 October 1820, age 8y
Daughter Whitney
Son Whitney