The society has a growing collection of documents, photographs, maps, and other artifacts of the local area that are stored in our archive. To date more than 4,000 objects have been cataloged.

Nearly all the objects in our collection are digitized and entered into a computer data base where they can be located by means of a search engine and viewed on a computer screen. Moreover, copies can be printed out or stored on a CD for personal research.

We have a research library and work area where we meet with individuals wishing to use the material in our collection.  We plan to have the  library open for the public’s use at least one day per week in 2018.  In the interim, we will meet with anyone wishing to use the library by appointment.  For an appointment please call 607 746 8083.  The research library is open from May 1st until October 15th.  We are closed during the winter months although you can send us inquires via e-mail.

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