Growing up in Meredith in the Early 1900s

/Growing up in Meredith in the Early 1900s
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by Cynthia Waterman and Nancy Cannon

In 1993, Anne McCall and Mary Jane Henderson published Fragments of Yesterday: a Collection of Childhood Memories in Delaware County from 1892-1929. This book captures what children thought and experienced at the turn of the century. Memories were contributed by several individuals who grew up in Meredith: Agnes Quick Palmer, Harry Benedict, Eva Sprague Hunt, Eunice Barnes Forman, and Hazel Stewart Davidson.

In this program, Cynthia and Nancy will read interesting excerpts from the published memories of each of these individuals. What they recall about growing up here will amaze and amuse you. You’ll hear about: two boys from Houghtaling Hollow that built and flew an airplane with no flying lessons, the prevalence of tramps and gypsies, driving a horse and wagon six miles to school every day, living through the flu epidemic of 1917, trapping skunks, and a good deal more.